General Questions 


How long will counselling take ?

As every individual circumstance is different some may require one or a few sessions whilst others may require further support over a longer period of time.


How will I know if counselling is working ?

Individuals may experience an array of positive outcomes from counselling including emotional relief, greater self-awareness, improved knowledge, better skills in self-management, improved skills in relationships and greater self-esteem. Individuals should feel comfortable with their counsellor and should feel satisfied that their needs are being met. Any concerns in relation to the progress of counselling should be discussed as part of the ongoing process of review with their counsellor.


Will Counselling Cause me Distress ?

As counselling can involve discussing areas of concern some distress is likely to be experienced at times. Client Centred Counselling aims to closely monitor the progress and response of each client to ensure they work through their concerns in a caring, safe and supportive manner.